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5 Best Places to Promote YouTube Videos

With over 35B monthly visitors, YouTube is the top social platform with millions of videos, and the best places to promote YouTube videos are other social platforms. We will discuss those platforms and also we will talk about how we can utilize those platforms for our benefit. I will also share some very affordable services provided by professionals who promote other YouTuber’s videos. There are different types of promotional methods and I will tell you about them in this article. You can promote your YouTube video by yourself or you can buy the services that match your interest. So, let’s begin with this article and talk about some places where you can promote your video.

5 best places to promote youtube videos
5 best places to promote youtube videos
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    Social Media Platforms to Promote YouTube Videos

    When we talk about social media platforms, some names pops-up in front of us. As you know some of those platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok(any other short video platform), etc. All of these social platforms are free for everyone, which means anyone can share any kind of video. If we talk about YouTube videos, social media triggers a signal in the YouTube algorithm that your video is good. Due to this signal, YouTube recommends your video to more people. This ultimately helps in ranking your video in a YouTube search. And that’s why social media platforms are the best places to promote youtube videos.


    Facebook has a huge audience in which the majority of people consume more videos. They like to watch videos that attract them or fascinate them. By sharing your video on Facebook, You can bring hundreds or thousands of viewers to your video. You can start this amazing method by creating a page related to the YouTube channel you want to promote. This will take little time and require some effort for better results.


    Instagram is a social media platform chosen by the young generation. The new update of Reels inside Instagram increases audience retention. If you have a good audience base as followers, then you can make your videos go viral through that feature. You can cut any important or attractive part of your video and post it as a reel, and add your Youtube channel link in your bio. If you don’t have any followers then you will have to create a new page and have to post constantly regarding your channel or topic. This is a time-consuming method. You can also buy youtube channel promotion services from the list below.


    Google is the top search engine with millions of content. YouTube is a product of Google and Google will recommend your YouTube video in the Google search. For this, you will have to create unique content with good quality. If you make a video on a topic that already has many videos, then you will not be able to see your video on the top list.

    You can also use Google to promote your video using Google Ads or AdWord. There are different types of ads that you can run through this. But as far as my knowledge, Youtube will not count the watch time you received on a video that you promoted( whose ads you run). So, if you are thinking about promoting your video for watch time, then this method is not suitable for you. You should check the listing below for a better option.


    If you do research about ranking your video on top of the search, you will get to know about SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. This SEO helps to rank your video on YouTube and for SEO, backlinks and social signals are very important. Different blogs and websites can provide you with backlinks for your video which will ultimately help in ranking your video. This is one of the best places to promote youtube videos.

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    You might know that you can run ads on Youtube itself. But I must tell you that all the watch time you will gain through the video you promoted will not count while applying for monetization. It is helpful to gain subscribers to your YouTube channel. For this, you have to pick the best video of your channel and run ads for that video. People will subscribe to your channel only if your content is good. So, focus on your content.

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    Best YouTube Video Promotion Services

    If you have a little budget, you can buy Youtube video promotion services from Fiverr. There are hundreds of people who have thousands or millions of followers who are ready to promote your video on their page or group. Some of them will also help you run ads successfully so that you don’t waste your money the first time. You just need to explore the platform and look for the service you want.

    best youtube video promotion services
    best youtube video promotion services

    If we talk about the best youtube channel promotion services you can consider with a very small budget, then the following people appear in front of us.


    Olivia will promote your video to 2 million social media audiences at only $5. This will help you real, active, and organic traffic. She uses Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter as social referrers. She has dozens of Facebook pages belonging to different categories and this will boost your video. You will also get high-quality backlinks to your video. The number of audiences increased from 2 million to 14 million with different packages.

    She already has completed 785 orders with a 4.9 rating, which describes that people are really happy after buying the service. I will suggest you try this service at least once because the audience is very large as compared to others. If your video is very good, then you might get hundreds or thousands of subscribers and watch time for only $5.


    He is Depsa, who can promote your video to millions of people and have 2 years of experience in this work. Depsa promises that for $5, He will promote your one YouTube video for 1000+ people to get organic real traffic. He mentioned Permanent Audience in all of his packages. I think that you will get a permanent audience if you buy his service. I will strongly suggest you contact him and talk about his service before placing an order. He mentioned 3 social shares in his basic package($5), 6 social shares with 6K people in his standard package($30), and 8 social shares with 18K people in his premium package($85). Check his Gig for more details.


    Julia has completed 1352 orders till now with a 4.9 rating. A lot of people come again and buy her service for promoting their videos. She ensures 100% safe and organic promotion which does not infringe the YouTube TOS. Julia will promote your video to a general audience of 1000-1200 people. She will create quality backlinks and will share your video to targeted blogs and communities including social media platforms. If you purchase Julia’s other packages, You will get some extra potential audience. Make sure to talk with her before placing any order.


    He is a top-class YouTube promotion expert. Ultimate_gainer will promote your YouTube video to 1000+ live audiences with organic growth and extra services and you will see the results within 24 hours. He will give you a non-drop permanent audience which will assist you in monetization. He will use his blogs which have 800k visitors and email marketing to the potential audience. This will expose your video to the right audience. He also uses the method of Google Ads and Social Ads (Facebook Ads). Just contact him, discuss with him, and then grow your channel. Facebook Ads is also one of the best places to promote YouTube videos for gathering an audience.


    Angel will share your video with a general and real worldwide audience for the best engagement. She uses social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc for promoting Youtube videos. She also uses IFrame Embedding which is a lifetime ranking solution. I will suggest you contact her and ask for more details. The results will start appearing within 24-48 hours with 100% guaranteed delivery. You will get good watch time and good retention. All her promotional methods are 100% compliant with YouTube Terms & Conditions. If in any case, you did not get your desired result (You are not satisfied), She ensures that your money will be returned.


    TopGigs1 will advertise your YouTube video to targeted viewers, who enjoy watching videos. He will advertise your video to 15,000 targeted viewers which can give your video more watch time and engagement. He will advertise the link to your video on high-traffic video-sharing sites/blogs. The size of the audience increases with the package. His services start at $10, but you can message him for more details.


    He will promote your YouTube video in front of a 1000 general audience for $20. You might think that his service is quite costly, then yes his service is quite costly but He has received more than 4950 orders. This is a huge number for any freelancer and this defines his work quality. You should contact him and discuss your needs before placing an order. He also offers a Google Ads Promotion service that you will find below.

    Promote YouTube Channel With Google Ads

    Since we talked about the best places to promote YouTube videos, now let’s talk about the Ads. Promoting a YouTube video with Google Ads can help you get engagement, subscribers, and views but the watch time you will gain during the Ad campaign will not be considered while monetization. I am not sure that Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest Ads will help you with monetization. I would suggest you ask this question to any professional listed below. They are doing this work for a very long period and they have the exact knowledge about this. So, let’s start talking about those professionals who will run ad campaigns for your video.


    Amardeep is a verified pro on Fiverr. This means the service provided by him is being verified by Fiverr for his work quality and results. He will definitely give you awesome results. He has completed 243 orders till now and obtained a 5.0 rating on average. According to him “promoting a YT video is best done through their own product only which is google ads“. That’s why He only uses YouTube Discovery Ads precisely.

    In his Basic package, He will promote your video to 10,000 worldwide audiences with Google Ads. He will use some of your fees to pay Google Ads, which means you don’t have to pay extra money. If you want to invest some money in promoting your video and growing your channel faster and you don’t know the exact method of running ads, then you should definitely message him. The pricing and the audience size are different depending on the package you want to buy. Before placing an order discuss the methods with him.


    Haseeb will market your video with highly optimized social media ad campaigns or Google and Bing PPC ad campaigns. He will analyze your video and then He will select a method that will be best for your channel. With SEO backlinks the authority of your channel will increase which will help your video rank on top. All the engagements will be natural to potential audiences worldwide. The service is 100% real and compliant with YouTube’s TOS. He offers On-time delivery, a 100% money-back guarantee, and lifetime online support.


    Aaliyaan is a Digital Evangelist with over 10 years of experience. The best part about his service is He will promote your video to a number of people for a number of days. This can be a good option depending on your content.

    Based on your video content, He can target the following:

    • Audience interests & topics
    • Age groups
    • Countries and languages
    • Search terms of your choice
    • An audience of specific big channels on YT

    Check his profile for more details and for messaging him.

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    In this post, we discussed the best places to promote YouTube videos, and also discussed the best Youtube video promotion services available on Fiverr. We discussed different social media platforms where you can promote your YouTube video and then I shared some information about the people who can promote your video on social. After this, I told you about a verified professional who can promote your video on YouTube and deliver you the best results. Keep in mind that the ads run on Google and YouTube will not help you while monetizing your video because the watch time will not count. Instead of Google Ads, you can try other social media ads to see if the results are helping your channel or not. All the services mentioned in this post will deliver good results.