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How To Buy Permanent Backlinks From High Authority Websites?

Do you want to buy permanent backlinks to your article/blog post? Then, you are at the right place. In this article, you will find 11 different SEO experts ready to create high-quality backlinks to your article or blog post. All the SEO experts available in this post provide backlink creation services on Fiverr. Since Fiverr is a leading freelancing platform there are hundreds of SEO experts and choosing one is very difficult. To solve this issue, I have brought the following 11 persons whom I thought will be best for you. You can ask me any questions on my Quora.

How to Buy Permanent Backlinks
How to Buy Permanent Backlinks
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    Why Backlinks are important for a website?

    Before moving to the experts, I want to tell you why high-quality backlinks are important for you and your business. Backlinks are one of the most important factors that affect the ranking of a website in Google Search. If your website has a high number of high-quality backlinks, then for sure your website will rank higher than the websites with fewer backlinks. By targeting a low-competition keyword with a good amount of backlinks, you can rank at the #1 position in search results. That is why having backlinks is important. Now, let’s see How you can buy permanent backlinks from High DA Websites.

    Buy permanent do follow backlinks at an affordable price
    Buy permanent do follow backlinks at an affordable price

    Where can you buy permanent backlinks?

    To buy permanent backlinks you will need to reach out to a person who is able to create high-quality backlinks. Where can you find these people? You can find them on Fiverr and some of the best are listed below. If you have a good budget for link building, then you can start to see experts from right here. But if you have a small budget, then I will suggest you go with the experts listed at the last of this post. They provide the most affordable backlink services.


    buy high-quality backlinks from an Ex-Google Employee
    buy high-quality backlinks from an Ex-Google Employee

    He is the first on this list because there are several reasons. Firstly, He is an Ex-Google Employee. Secondly, He is a verified professional on Fiverr. And thirdly, his work technique. He will search for high-quality relevant content on the web and reach out to the website owners and ask for a backlink to your post.

    This technique is very time-consuming but also the most effective way to create a backlink. Searching for such an opportunity is not easy and his skills are out of the world. That’s why buying 1 permanent backlink from a 30-39 DA website will cost you $250. The price increases with an increase in Domain Authority.

    There is one more trust point about his service is that Huwai, RE/MAX, NameSilo, Gargle Water, and Morgan Stanley, like big international companies are among his clients. This is not under everyone’s capabilities.

    I will only recommend you to buy permanent backlinks from him only if you are capable and have really high budget. If you are new to blogging and SEO, there are other options to try in a very less budget.


    buy quality backlinks from Ayesha_Digital
    buy quality backlinks from Ayesha_Digital

    She is Ayesha and she has a team of professional marketing experts. Her team has helped more than 1000 international businesses rank higher in search results. She is a verified professional on Fiverr and Amcrest, LVBagaholic, and Handelskontor are among her clients. These are some internationally known companies.

    They deliver you the most satisfying results because after placing your order, the experts from her team will analyze your website and find top-notch authority sources to create white hat backlinks. You can buy 60 permanent backlinks for $100. All the links will be contextual and you will get some bonus links probably.

    The DA of the websites from where you will get your backlinks will be between 40 to 90. All the backlinks will be natural and diversified. This will help you increase your website DA.


    buy do folow backlinks from MarkP
    buy do follow backlinks from MarkP

    He is Markp from France and with 20 years of massive experience in SEO services. He is certified with Google and partnered with Shopify, Wix, Squarespace & more. If you see At his clients’ section, you will find that Vodafone, Samsung, Husqvarna, Little Blue Deer, and Decathlon France are listed.

    For $85 you can buy more than 175 multi-tiered permanent SEO backlinks. All the domains from where your content will get a backlink will have a DA of 20-50+ and are most suited for low to medium competition keywords.

    He has completed around 2000 orders and among them, almost 1900 are 5-star ratings. Check his profile by clicking on the following section to see his other offerings and read the description.


    Buy SEO Do follow backlinks

    His username is Seosupremacy and he has completed around “5500 orders with an average of 5-stars rating“. Completing such a high number of orders with maintaining 5.0 ratings on average is not easy. It defines his work quality. NestlĂ©, NFL, Samsung, LG Electronics, and Decathlon are among his clients and this proves that if you buy permanent backlinks from him, then it will show you guaranteed results. He assures you that you will begin to see a boost in your rankings in 3 weeks.

    He will create high metric backlinks from DA 50 websites to your website. You can get 15 do-follow backlinks for $50 but still, You can buy more backlinks in higher packages.

    You can give him up to 5 URLs and 3 to 10 keywords you want to rank. If you buy his service, He will manually create the permanent backlinks and will drip feed the backlinks slowly over 30 days for the safety of your website. The method is totally white hat method and will not affect your website in a bad way. This will help your website or article rank higher on search results.

    Ask for a sample and see if you are good to go with that kind of backlinks, then place your order and see the boost in your rankings.


    You can buy guest post backlinks from Ultimate_seoguy at $45
    You can buy guest post backlinks from Ultimate_seoguy at $45

    Ultimate_seoguy is a team of highly skilled individuals who have completed around 3400 orders with an average of 4.9 stars. He is a slightly better version of Seosupremacy because he will create more backlinks at a comparatively low price.

    If you buy permanent backlinks from him, he will create 50 to 60 backlinks with good domain authority and high-quality articles. He will do so to maximize the visibility of your content. To create backlinks, he will write niche-relevant guest posts and will use a white hat SEO link-building process.

    The offerings under his ultimate package which costs $250, are very different from other experts. This package will create a bunch of backlinks that will really help you rank higher. He will create 2021 White Hat backlinks involving:

    • Videos
    • PRs
    • Guest Posts
    • High DR Links
    • PDFs
    • Google News Distribution

    Buy Cheap Permanent Backlinks

    Now, from here you will see a massive difference in the price of backlink building services. The price will be around $10 or $5 and it is the best section form where a new blogger or new business with a small budget should buy permanent backlinks. The lower you go the cheaper services you will find but almost all of them will use some kind of drip feeder or automation tools. But yes, they are 100% safe and they will definitely give you positive results.


    Buy cheap backlinks from Globaly_service
    Buy cheap backlinks from Globaly_service

    She has been an SEO expert for the last 5 years and Front Rage Locksmith, Samsung, Decathlon, LG Electronics, and Touchdown Media are among her clients. She will help you rank your website and increase organic traffic by creating high authority (DR 50-75) backlinks.

    You can buy 5 high-quality permanent backlinks for just $10. For $40 you can get 30 backlinks and for $130 you will get 100 do-follow backlinks.

    According to her, this service is only for those people who want high-quality manual backlinks from relevant content on high-authority websites. She will not use any automation tools or services for article submission. That is why I am recommending her for your link-building process.


    buy contextual backlinks for a cheap price
    buy contextual backlinks for a cheap price from backlinks_seo2

    He has been an off-page SEO expert for the last 5 years. He uses the White Hat SEO strategy to create powerful do-follow backlinks to your post. You can buy thousands of contextual permanent backlinks from websites with DA 70+. He will need 1 URL(URL of the post) and 5 Keywords on which you want to rank your article.

    The pricing starts at $15 and goes to $150. For $15, you will get 500+ backlinks, for $45, you will get 1500+ backlinks, and for $150 you will get 5000+ backlinks. The number of URLs and Keywords also increases with the increase in pricing.


    Buy more than 100 permanent do follow backlinks for $5
    Buy more than 100 permanent do follow backlinks for $5 from virtualsuperman

    His username is virtualsuperman and he has completed more than 1800 with an average of 4.9-star ratings. He will help you rank higher on search results when you buy permanent backlinks from him. The websites from which you will get contextual backlinks will have a domain authority between 30-40.

    According to his Gig, for $5 he will create 100+ high-quality do-follow backlinks but he always gives more than that. I ordered his Gig and he created 245 backlinks under the basic package. He uses a safe drip-feeder to shoot all your backlinks slowly over time for the safety of your blog.

    If you want to try any of these services, I will suggest him because I have tried his services by myself and the experience was good.

    Want to promote your YouTube Videos?

    Best Places to Promote YouTube Videos


    Buy cheap permanent backlinks from Amelie4seo
    Buy cheap permanent backlinks from Amelie4seo

    Amelie4seo has completed only 12 orders but all of them rated her service 5 stars. Under her services, you can buy 1000 do-follow permanent backlinks for just $5. All the domains will have a DA between 30 and 70+ and DR between 20 to 50+. Her services will result in the following things:

    • Google Ranking Improvement
    • Increase DA of your Site
    • Keyword Ranking
    • Keywords Indexing
    • Special SEO Mini audit


    buy 5000 web2 0 backlinks from Seolex7 for just $5
    buy 5000 web2 0 backlinks from Seolex7 for just $5

    She is a level two seller on Fiverr and She has a deep knowledge of Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. With the help of this, she will create high-quality backlinks to your article.

    With her basic package which costs $5, you can buy 5000 web 2.0 permanent backlinks with premium spun articles. As you choose higher packages, the number of backlinks increases from 5000 to 50000. Take some time and choose wisely.


    buy 1 million backlinks from Sikha55 for just $5
    buy 1 million backlinks from Sikha55 for just $5

    She is Sikha from Bangladesh and She uses a tier system for creating backlinks. She will create backlinks for your backlinks and will send the traffic to your website safely. With the help of Google Panda/Penguin in a very safe manner, She will execute this strategy.

    You can buy 1 million high-quality permanent backlinks for just $5. If you like the numbers, then Her higher packages are for you. For $20 you will get 5 million backlinks and for $40 you will get 10 million backlinks. These numbers are really massive.

    Conclusion for Buying Permanent Backlinks

    In conclusion, I think you have found whatever you were looking for. There are expensive services and as well as cheap services for different kinds of people. If you want to run a business through your website, I will suggest you go with the verified services. They will deliver you the most genuine and best results. If you are just starting with blogging and want to test what backlinks can do, then I will suggest cheap services ($5). They will show you good results. Keep in mind that ranking does not only depends on backlinks, there are some other factors. If all the factors are good, only then your posts will rank. You can not assume that you will rank on top if you buy permanent backlinks if your on-page SEO and other factors are not good.

    At the end of this article, I will say Good Luck with your blogging journey. I hope these backlinks services will help you reach your goal faster.

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