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How to find a freelancer to create a storyboard

There can be a lot of different ways and platforms to find a freelancer to create a storyboard. But among all of them, I would suggest you choose the most trusted freelance platform, Fiverr. There are many reasons to choose Fiverr. Some of the reasons are the following:

  • Fiverr is trustable.
  • Fiverr is affordable.
  • You always get a good result.
  • You get a lot of options depending on your requirements.
  • The rating and review system allows us to differentiate the experienced ones from newbies.

Before hiring a freelancer to create a storyboard for you, You have to be clear about your need. You want a line sketch or a black & white shaded frame. This should be your first step before hiring a freelancer.

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    How to find a freelancer to create a storyboard copy
    How to find a freelancer to create a storyboard copy

    Top 6 Freelancers to Create a Storyboard

    To lessen your work, I am here with a list of freelancers. All these freelancers are capable to create a storyboard in a very affordable price range. You can choose anyone from this list who meets your requirements. If you want to create a storyboard then, the least amount you will have to pay per frame is $5. The price may differ according to your requirements. so, let’s begin the list.

    Black and White Shaded Storyboard

    The very first freelancer will create a storyboard for you at such a low price. Seettees charge $5 for each frame which will be delivered in .JPG format in 1920*1080 resolution. Each frame will include a background or scene with Black and White shading. He has completed all his orders in a way that every buyer gave him a 5-star rating. First of all, after discussing your scene, he will show you rough sketches. After reviewing those roughs, he will create an offer. Then after your approval, he will start working on your project. His offerings are very simple but his work quality has won every buyer’s heart.

    Indra Madhana

    He is Indra Madhana and he will create a storyboard of two frames for $5. If you want a rough sketch storyboard, then He is the perfect pick for you. The most affordable rough sketch storyboard artist on Fiverr. He can create 10-15 panels every day which means if your story is around the same length, you will get your storyboard in one day. He has 8 years of experience and works full-time the whole week. Some of his offerings are as follows:

    • 2 rough sketch frames in just $5.
    • For 2-line art with black and white color frames, He charges $10.
    • He will charge $15 or $20 for two base-colored frames.
    • He has completed 295 projects with a 5-star rating from the buyers.

    Create a storyboard of three frames for $5

    Here comes another best option for line art lovers. Creating a line art storyboard of three frames with a simple background will cost only $5. Meet Yasin, an artist with 15 years of experience and a professional cartoonist. He has created storyboards for movies earlier and you can find him on IMDB. Please contact this 5-star rated artist before placing an order. Discuss your project with him and then order.

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    Animo Studio[ comic, manga, illustration book & animatic ]

    A storyboard with two frames, a simple character, and a simple background will cost you $10 with Animo Studio. But, that’s not the best part about this seller. In his premium package, you will get a colorful storyboard and comic page with colorful characters, backgrounds, and shading colors. Not only this, it will include five frames and seven revisions. This means you can make modifications seven times in your storyboard. And the price of the premium package is just $35, which means $7 for each colorful frame.

    Hira Arshad: To create a storyboard with multiple frames

    She is Hira who is proficient in digital and traditional art. Hira works for a production and animation firm as an art director and storyboard designer. She has completed over 1000 storyboards till now. She works on Fiverr due to the diversity of projects. Let’s take a look at her packages:

    • Basic Package: $15 for 6 frames storyboard with basic details.
    • Standard Package: $35 for 6 frames storyboard with coloring and shading.
    • Premium Package: 25 frames with details, colors, highlights, tones, shading, and two revisions will cost $80.

    I will strongly recommend you to contact her only if your storyboard is of 25 frames. If you hire another storyboard artist for 25 frames, they will charge you a lot. But Hira is way cheaper than everyone else when it comes to a higher number of frames.


    He is a stage and costume designer from Berlin. His offering is pretty much more expensive than the rest of this list, but for a reason. The reason is that JustKaan has worked for a Food products company Latao. He charges $10 for drawing a one-frame scene with outlines. But drawing a scene with a color story costs $25. This can be a good option if you have only one frame to get done.


    At the end of this article, I hope you got what you wanted. I shared six different professional artists to create a storyboard at very affordable pricing. Let me brief you once again. If you want a sketch storyboard, go with Yasin or Indra. You can go with Seettees or Yasin for frames with shadings. If your story has a big number of frames, you should definitely choose Hira for this. But Animo Studio can also be a good option for you. Animo Studio offers you more variety and a good number of revisions. If your budget is good, go with Animo Studio for a colorful and animatic storyboard.

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