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Points You Should Think Before Hiring a Freelancer in 2022

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    How to Hire a Freelancer in 2022?

    You clicked on this post to know about the process of hiring a freelancer and the important points you should think about before hiring a freelancer in 2022. In this post, I will tell you some important things or points you should place in your mind that will help you in your project. I assume you know about Freelancing and you are a buyer. Probably you might be looking for a freelancer to do your project. But you are afraid of scammers you may find on your way. So, I am here to help you and guide you to hire a freelancer who will do your work in the best manner. 

    Things You Should Consider Before Hiring A Freelancer

    Points You Should Think Before Hiring a Freelancer
    Points You Should Think Before Hiring a Freelancer

    There are many things you should think about before hiring a freelancer. Your project can be anything like web designing, logo making, virtual assistant, marketing-related projects, writing & translation, or others. These points are applicable to almost all categories of freelancing. All these points will help you in your future projects. You should always consider these points while hiring a freelancer on any platform. These points will create good practice for your future projects. So, let’s discuss those points. 

    Remember These Following Points while hiring a freelancer

    • Need for Your Project: The first thing you should consider is the need for your project. You have to be clear about your requirements, what do you want from the freelancer? What is the importance of the freelancer in your project? You should have the answers to any questions that may arise related to your project. If you can arrange some example projects similar to yours, It will be great. This will deliver your idea to the freelancer with an example. It will be a good medium to deliver information. If you have done all this, we can move to the next point.
    • Determine Your Budget: The budget is the most important point you should think about. If you are about to start a new business and your budget is limited, you have to act accordingly. Don’t worry I will tell you about a platform from which you can get a good quality job on a low budget also. You will have to look for freelancers as per your budget. And if you are looking for the best quality work, then budget might be not your problem. 
    • The legitimacy of the Freelancer: The second thing that comes to my mind is the Legitimacy of the Freelancer. The freelancer should be legit. In this online world, you will find a ton of scammers waiting for you to fall into their trap. But after following these steps, you will not fall into those traps. The first thing I will recommend to you is to avoid looking for freelancers in Facebook groups. These groups are full of autoresponder bots and scammers. I have tried promoting my freelancing gig in many Facebook groups but what I found is trash. I message them anything and all of the replies is the same asking to send a mail. All these are scams.

    More Points to remember while hiring a freelancer

    • Experience of Freelancer: Every buyer wants his/her project to be done by an experienced freelancer. You also should be one of them. There is a reason to consider an experienced over a newbie. The main difference is the time and effort they have put into this field and the number of projects they have completed earlier. This brings a great difference between them. Due to his earlier experience, he gets more orders and with these orders, their experience evolves. Experience is a much-needed aspect for a buyer. 
    • Quality of Their Work: This is the reason why you are reading this post and taking all precautions to not get into a scam. It is the quality of work. You as a buyer will never wish for bad quality work from a freelancer, this would be the worst thing in the freelancing sector. The quality should be the center of your consideration. The best quality of work always brings the best results for both the buyers and the freelancers. As a buyer, you should spend some time looking at the freelancer’s previous work’s quality and reviews. This investment of time may give you the best results.
    • Reviews & Ratings of Freelancer: Many freelance platforms like Fiverr provides a system of star ratings and reviews. This is the best place to know more about a freelancer. And also take a close look at their portfolios. Other buyers like you who placed the order before may leave a review with ratings. Go to the reviews section and try to read most of them and focus on the negative reviews. All these reviews will help you choose the perfect freelancer for your project. Try to stay away from low-rated sellers or sellers who have worked on fewer projects.

    Three points to make sure before hiring a Freelancer

    • Be Active and Responsive: You should be very active in communicating with the freelancer. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. You should be 100% sure before giving him the project. Even after giving him the project don’t hesitate to ask for updates on your projects and try to closely review the submitted designs and give all feedback at once because revisions might be limited in many gigs. And after completing the project don’t forget to rate & review as per your fulfillment, this will help a buyer like you.
    • Do not pay outside the platform: Many freelancers try to scam buyers by asking them the payment in other wallets. Never pay them outside the platform, stick to the platform. If you paid him/her through the platform and he/she scammed you, then you will get a refund from the platform. But if you pay him/her in any other payment way, you will be scammed and not get a refund.
    • Choosing the right platform: You should always hire a freelancer from a trusted freelancing platform. The platform should fulfill all your requirements and provide you with the safety of your funds. In my view, Fiverr is the best platform for hiring a freelancer. This platform is trusted by Facebook, Google, Netflix, P&G, and PayPal companies for hiring freelancers. The reason is the quality work done by Fiverr freelancers. Let’s discuss this more in the next part. 

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    Why Fiverr is Good For Buyers For Hiring a Freelancer?

    The main reason why I think Fiverr is a good platform for buyers for hiring a freelancer is the competition. The competition between freelancers is way too much. Freelancing is very tough on Fiverr because Buyers will hire someone who has a good rating and has completed a good number of projects before. That’s why newcomers do not get an order easily. For this, they have to deliver really good quality work within the time period. And this does not apply only to newcomers but also applies to experienced ones. They have to deliver constant quality work to stay in the long run within the platform. This is why a buyer should consider Fiverr over other platforms.

    The reasons are the competition among the freelancers brings the most out of them. The affordable price range in this platform makes it more efficient for buyers. The interface to hire a freelancer is very easy to use on Fiverr. And one more thing that is good about Fiverr is that due to a lot of work/projects queued in the freelancer’s gig, They always complete your project before the given time period. Which is a good thing for you, good quality work in really less time. And if in case, a Freelancer tries to scam you or does not deliver your project within a time period or in really bad quality. Fiverr gives you 14 days time period to apply for a refund. 

    Pros on hiring a freelancer from Fiverr:
    1. User Interface– The user interface is very easy to use for buyers and sellers both. This makes everyone reach their desired section effortlessly. 
    2. Affordable Pricing- Pricing on Fiverr starts at only 5$. And you will find a lot of freelancers doing a great job at very less pricing.
    3. Fiverr Costing- Fiverr is free to join for both buyers and sellers. They do not charge any subscription fee for registering. You have to pay when you purchase a service on Fiverr.
    4. Search Settings- There are many different filters and search options in the platform so that we can find the best fit for our project.
    5. Completion of Project- The really good freelancer gets a lot of orders each day and the queued projects show in their gigs. This might lower the orders he/she is getting. To solve this issue they always try to complete a project ASAP with keeping quality at the center.
    6. Refund Process- The refund process takes place within the platform’s customer review program. They give us a good flexible time(14 days) to take a close look at the submission. 
    7. Fiverr Pro- Fiverr Pro is the best section of this platform. In this section, you will find professionals who are verified by Fiverr for their work quality. I have seen some designers who have completed projects for big international companies like Abu Dhabi Airport, Under Armour HOVR, Mercedes-Benz, Seera, and Fiverr itself. This is a great showcase of their work’s quality. Fiverr Pro ensures really good quality work.
    Cons on hiring a freelancer from Fiverr:
    1. Revenue Share– Freelancers/sellers have to give a percentage of their income from each project, which is not good for freelancers.
    2. Customer Support– There can be some cases when customer service fails to respond to you when you need them most. But they will reply within 24 hours.
    3. Expectations– Sometimes the final outcome does not match our expectations. (You can apply for a refund but your time is wasted.)
    4. Revisions– The number of revisions you can make is totally up to the freelancer. He will decide how many revisions he wants to provide in a package.


    In the conclusion, the points you should consider before hiring a freelancer are the need for the work, legitimacy of the freelancer, choosing the right platform, experience, quality, and reviews. You should never pay any freelancer outside the platform. This will lead you to a scam. Fiverr is a very good platform for hiring freelancers as compared to its competitors. Fiverr is good in many different ways in user interface, costing, refund process, and the Pro Service

    If you did good research before hiring a freelancer, You will definitely get quality work from him/her. Leave a comment if you have any doubts about any of this information. 

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