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Top 10 Best Amazon Product Photography Service

Are you looking for the best Amazon Product Photography Service for your product?

Then you are at the right place. I have seen other articles available on the internet, they are just promoting their services. If you take a look at all of them, you will be very confused and unsure. As you may have no idea about the pricing of the other professional product photographer. You might end up paying far more than is needed. To solve your problem, I did research and wrote this article.

In this article, you will find 10 different professional photographers providing their services at different prices. All of them are available on the Fiverr platform which is the top most trusted and leading marketplace for services. Don’t forget to check my other articles, you will find many useful services. So without worrying about the platform, let’s begin.

Best Product Photography Services

Top 10 Amazon Product Photography Service
Top 10 Amazon Product Photography Service

There are thousands of Amazon Product Photography Services available on Fiverr. You are free to visit Fiverr and look for other people or services. But in this article, I will share 10 different people’s Fiverr Gig(profile) who offers the best Amazon product photography services. The most important thing is that “Contact and Discuss your needs with the photographer or any freelancer“. This will make you and the photographer ready for the project. Keep in mind that you should not place your order before contacting them. So, let’s start the Amazon Product Photographer list read till the last as the last two are the best.


Professional Product Photographer
Source: Fiverr

Seanviens is a verified professional by Fiverr for his quality and service. The reason he is at the top of the list is that he has worked with McDonald’s, Campbell Soup, and Becel Canada. He will charge $100 for one customized product photo. This will include photo retouching, product preparation, Lifestyle staging, and background removal. He also offers a 10% discount to new clients/customers. Check his profile for more information. I will only suggest him only if you have a really good budget and wants the best outcome.

Seanviens a Professional Photographer


Product infographic
Source: Fiverr

If you want a verified professional but want more than one image for your product, then Cwsavo is your pick. He will offer you two photos for one product at $100. This will include photo retouching, product preparation, and background removal no lifestyle staging or infographics. The brands he has worked with are Victory Buy(lead photographer), ISLAND Watch, and Crown Display. Contact him through his profile/Gig and discuss your product.

Message Now


Amazon Product Photography services
Source: Fiverr

Monorave is another verified photographer who will charge $120 for two images. He offers custom props and unique concepts for your product photo. He has previously worked for Nike, Samokat, Demeter Fragrance Library, and Fiverr itself. If in case you are unable to send him the product for a photo shoot, then he will provide a mix of 3D products and real still-life photos. You will just need to send him a message from the link below.

Creative Amazon Product Photography Service

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Product Photography Services
Source: Fiverr

Bozouk is also a verified professional on Fiverr. His offerings are quite good. He offers 4 images of one product in which one main/hero image, one closeup image, and two side/angle shots are included. All this comes under his basic package which costs $105. It also includes basic photo retouching and background removal. You can get more images per product, product preparation, lifestyle staging, and infographics with higher packages.

Complete View of the Product


Amazon Product Photographer Model
Source: Fiverr

Ann_model has completed 1083 orders on Fiverr till today and among them, 1070 reviews are 5-star reviews. She will give you three product photos for $100 with a white background or a lifestyle photo depending on you. If you want a model in your photos, then this is the best Gig for you. It will also include photo retouching, product preparation, background removal, and of course model/live subject. Message her through her profile before placing an order.

Photos With Model


Amazon Product Photos
Source: Fiverr

Alexfelder provides Amazon product photography services on Fiverr. He is a professional photographer from Spain. If you want an infographic for your product along with some product photos, then this guy is for you. In his basic package($100), you will get three amazon product photos with one infographic which also includes product preparation, background removal, and retouching. If you order his standard package($125), you will get three white background photos, two lifestyle photos, and two infographics. I will recommend you for his standard package.

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Affordable Product Photographer
Source: Fiverr

If you have a tight budget and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for one image, then this guy can help you. His username is Cut0ut_image and his basic package starts at $30 for one image with white background. You can check his profile for more information and contact him.

Check His Gig


Product Photographer
Source: Fiverr

Dcoufal offers $5/image white background/product only images. For this, you will have to contact him and ask him about this offer. If we talk about his $100 Amazon Product Photography Service Gig, he will give you five images in which four images with white background and one lifestyle photo or infographic. You have to choose one as per your need. He does not photograph most fabric items, bags, balloons, mirror-finish, or thin-film items.

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Best Product Photography
Source: Fiverr

Xposur_uk will charge you £25 for Lifestyle Images as well as Infographics and £5 for white background images. Due to Fiverr’s new policy, he had to increase his basic package pricing, but you can contact him and ask for a single image pricing and for discounts. His services include photo retouching, background removal, lifestyle staging, infographics, and product preparation.

Check His Profile


Best Amazon Product Photographer
Source: Fiverr

Aslito is also a verified photographer providing her Amazon product photography service on Fiverr. Her basic package starts at $105 and offers three product photos in which two photos will be in white background and one still life image. In this list, the photos delivered by her are outstanding. In my opinion, Her still life photos are really awesome. Take a look at the photos she takes and contact her for discussing your needs.

Professional Product Photographer


At the end of this article, I hope my article was helpful to you. Amazon Product Photography Service is a very important part of an Amazon Seller. That is why I added as many verified professionals as I can. All the verified professionals will surely deliver the best results every time. The price difference between a normal seller and a verified seller is not that much, so I will suggest you should choose the verified ones. But the final decision is your own, I suggested the best photographers and now it’s your turn to choose one. I hope after getting done with product photos your sales will increase. Have a great day, bye-bye.